What Do We Do?

We do IT.

Network Design and Consulting

Get your network up to speed. We will work closely with you to bring your network to life. We are certified in the technologies you use from the top pioneer network vendors.

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System Management and Monitoring

Whether you rely solely on on-premises infrastructure or you data lives elsewhere, we got you covered. We provide a wide range of system solutions that ensure your business growth.

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Management of Cloud Services

The future is the cloud. Whether you decide to choose SaaS, PaaS, IaaS or hybrid, our expertise in AWS, Azure and other cloud service providers ensures the stability of your business workflow.

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Our Store

We provide our customers a range of products to enhance their productivity. Shop in Our Store Now!

SXTsq lite Series

Low-cost small-size 2.4GHz dual chain CPE and P2P Links

Unifi Switches

Setup and Provision your networks with ease using the latest SDN solutions

Unifi Wireless

Unleash the power of your wireless networks with the Unifi Wireless access points

We Provide the Best Technical Solutions for your Business

Let us take care of your IT so you focus more on your business.

Our Recent Informational Blog Posts

We post some educational and informational blogs about the latest news in the IT industry and some other interesting tutorials, don't miss them out!

Setup NtopNG on PfSense the Correct Way

The official ntopng package for pfsense is full of bugs, but there is an alternative way to have a fully operational ntopng integration with pfsense.. Read More

VeraCrypt with Windows built-in system image creator (0x80070001)

I was trying to set up my Windows machine to create a system disk backup image to a VeraCrypt mounted drive. Windows seems not to like the way VeraCrypt mounts drives..

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Deploy PfSense on DigitalOcean with a VPC Network

PfSense is a great firewall that can be implemented in different scenarios. With the addition of Virtual Private Cloud Read More

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